1. Stuck In The Middle Circle the Earth 3:34
  2. Maniac on Mute Circle the Earth 2:35
  3. Dead Remix Circle The Earth 2:33
  4. Pick Your Poison REMIX Circle The Earth 3:08
  5. New Religion REMIX Circle The Earth 3 minutes
  6. Hey Goodbye Circle The Earth 3:05
  7. Too Many Pieces Circle the Earth 3:50
  8. The Other Side Circle The Earth 4:06
  9. New Religion Circle The Earth 3:30
  10. Sweetest Pain Circle The Earth 3:31
  11. Dead Circle The Earth 2:37
  12. Diamonds Circle The Earth 3:43
  13. All The Way Circle The Earth 3:29
  14. Could Be You Circle The Earth 3:21
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Sounds of the Underground

On October 20th you can see never before seen performance footage and interviews with Hollywood Undead and The Rare Occasions. You can also hear music from up-and-coming artists 2morrows June, Divided Minds, and Circle the Earth. This will be the third of five all-new episodes of Sounds of the Underground this year.

Sounds of the Underground is the first and only alternative music TV series focused on exposing up-and-coming talent alongside major artists in the genre. Developed by The Wildfires Projekt, and aired nationally on select CBS stations, Sounds is once again bringing exclusive content to a starving audience.

Previous artists include Craig Owens, Frank Iero, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Outline in Color. Future episodes include exclusive performances and interviews with Simple Plan, Maggie Lindemann, and Story Untold. The complete episode schedule and artist roster are below.

Episode Premiere Link HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bccPjK7K9RU


If you’re nostalgic like me, early 2000s breakup songs were what made my childhood and teen years sane. I think that is what we are missing in this mainstream music world. Just the title, “Sweetest Pain” makes you understand the feeling of what this song is trying to portray. The breath before the first lyric was legendary, because you know we are about to hear some magic.

I like that the beat starts off slow. We are getting into the feeling of the “Sweet pain”, starting off with the sweet. As the song progresses, so does the beat. The drum drop every few seconds between lyrics is the best climb to the drop we are anticipating. Once that beat drips, you want to jump up and dance to the beat because you FEEL it. The song is pretty understandable with the title, but don’t let that fool you, it is everything you’d want and more.

We all know what it is like to be in a painful relationship. “I hate you but I want to stay” is probably something every girl has said to themselves at some point. Listening to Circle The Earth feel relatable and at home. I look forward to seeing what else they put out!

Written by: Amanda Poznyakov



Article published on blackonthecnvas.com

Circle The Earth - Sweetest Pain (Official Music Video)


Is it the 2000s all over again? Sorry, but not sorry, I used to love Evanescence. Just kidding. Circle the Earth is probably for you if you like a touch of metal in your pop, just as I like whisky in my milk. Boss Metal Zone pedals and epic solos, coupled with catchy poppy choruses, might fill the void left in your life after Linkin Park tragically disbanded.


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