1. Stuck In The Middle Circle the Earth 3:34
  2. Maniac on Mute Circle the Earth 2:35
  3. Dead Remix Circle The Earth 2:33
  4. Pick Your Poison REMIX Circle The Earth 3:08
  5. New Religion REMIX Circle The Earth 3 minutes
  6. Hey Goodbye Circle The Earth 3:05
  7. Too Many Pieces Circle the Earth 3:50
  8. The Other Side Circle The Earth 4:06
  9. New Religion Circle The Earth 3:30
  10. Sweetest Pain Circle The Earth 3:31
  11. Dead Circle The Earth 2:37
  12. Diamonds Circle The Earth 3:43
  13. All The Way Circle The Earth 3:29
  14. Could Be You Circle The Earth 3:21
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January 2022

Kazuki Tokaji’s latest release ‘Souvenir’ is slated for release on July 22nd, the artists 26th birthday. The slow melodic and entrancing single is a metallic instrumental affair that has just enough experimentation to separate from the crowd. One of the key takeaways is that anyone who tried to put Kazuki Tokaji into a certain box of definition will always be proven wrong eventually.

Not Just A Musician

The young artist is not only an accomplished musician in his own right, but he’s also a coach and moonlights as a teacher for up-and-coming artists who need that extra push. His songwriting ability has also been something of note with collaborations with famous writer Jim McGorman of Avril Lavigne and Goo Goo Dolls fame.

There is a noticeable dedication to innovation and evolution with every passing Kazuki Tokaji release, and with the imminent release of ‘Souvenir’ to keep our airwaves busy for a time, it’s exciting to imagine what could happen next.

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