1. Stuck In The Middle Circle the Earth 3:34
  2. Maniac on Mute Circle the Earth 2:35
  3. Dead Remix Circle The Earth 2:33
  4. Pick Your Poison REMIX Circle The Earth 3:08
  5. New Religion REMIX Circle The Earth 3 minutes
  6. Hey Goodbye Circle The Earth 3:05
  7. Too Many Pieces Circle the Earth 3:50
  8. The Other Side Circle The Earth 4:06
  9. New Religion Circle The Earth 3:30
  10. Sweetest Pain Circle The Earth 3:31
  11. Dead Circle The Earth 2:37
  12. Diamonds Circle The Earth 3:43
  13. All The Way Circle The Earth 3:29
  14. Could Be You Circle The Earth 3:21
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February 2022


Circle The Earth is already a favorite new discovery for 2022. The group features a stunning mixture of Rock and Pop elements as they bring their latest release “Diamonds” to center stage…exactly where it belongs.Consisting of members Khadia Handon (vocals), Kazuki Tokaji (guitar), Michael McBay (bass), Sandro Feliciano (drums) and Sandy Chao Wang (keyboards), Circle The Earth take you on a wild ride.

Khadia’s vocals have a crystal clarity to them, for they way they switch off feels effortless. Lyricism proves to be of the essence of the work, with its observational stance well thought out and executed. Everything here is about the delicacy, the way that the layers interact to create this blissed-out vibe. By incorporating different styles within the sound the piece proves to be completely unpredictable in the best way possible.

The collage-like exploration draws a bit from the laid-back charm of the early aughts. There is a solid usage of playful yet strong lyricism which features elements of an inner monologue-like style.

The groove in the song has a distinct elasticity to them, making sure to confound listener expectations. Lots of warmth helps to tie the piece together, adding upon their already impressive breath of work. Quite easy to get lost in, the patterns are downright beautiful to behold. By holding true to this epic journey, the song evolves in rather stately ways. The song gradually comes to a close in a way that feels soulful.

Circle The Earth is diverse in every which way possible. Founder and bassist Michael McBay had a vision of creating a truly international band. With the help of DC’s Khadia Handon, Japan’s Kazuki Tokaji, Brazil’s Sandro Feliciano and Taiwan’s Sandy Chao Wang, the group proves to be an unstoppable force.

Circle The Earth have been working with acclaimed producers Jim McGorman (Avril Lavigne, Goo Goo Dolls, New Radicals), Mikal Blue (One Republic, Colbie Caillat), and songwriters Una Jensen and Sean Gould, which further adds to their impressive repertoire.

“Diamonds” has a delicate balance, one that has a prettiness to it, that revels in the exquisite storytelling of Circle The Earth. Are you ready for more?


This latest rock single from Circle the Earth titled “Diamonds” features an explosive sound that will have your heart beating a little bit faster. The group is taking on a more progressive approach by being a band brought together from an International level sharing their love for music throughout the pandemic.


Circle the Earth is a bold set of musicians which include Khadia Handon (vocals), Kazuki Tokaji (guitar), Michael McBay (bass), Sandro Feliciano (drums) and Sandy Chao Wang (keyboards), which combined bring a sound that is such a great force, you’ll be wondering where they’ve been your whole life.
Although the song appears to be upbeat and follow the Rock style, the lyrics hold that underlying feeling of deep emotion which takes the song to new heights.

The band’s updated-yet-nostalgic Rock approach brings back some similar sounding bands that were very popular in the early 2000s.  “Diamonds” gives off a noteworthy sound that has Alternative tendencies, all while captivating the ears of new audiences.

This single has a deep underlying message for those from younger generations and this song is a perfect representation of the times from a band who grew during the pandemic.

Circle The Earth is the brainchild of founder and bassist Michael McBay alongside DC’s Khadia Handon, Japan’s Kazuki Tokaji, Brazil’s Sandro Feliciano and Taiwan’s Sandy Chao Wang. Circle The Earth have also been collborating with acclaimed producers Jim McGorman (Avril Lavigne, Goo Goo Dolls, New Radicals), Mikal Blue (One Republic, Colbie Caillat), and songwriters Una Jensen and Sean Gould, which helps to bring the heart and soul of the band to life.

2022 is going to be a big year for Circle The Earth so buckle up…it’s going to be a wild ride.

Source: IAB

Circle the Earth

Circle The Earth is a multicultural band on the rise….and you will not be disappointed. The five-piece outfit showcases an array of talents, all while bringing their diverse influences into their own brand of music. The result is a high energy explosion of Rock n’ Roll goodness.

Recently taking over the stage at the infamous Viper Room in Los Angeles, Circle The Earth has become not only known for their stellar recordings, but their captivating live performances as well. Playing at other notable venues such as The Troubadour, the group has quickly proven themselves as a band to watch as they take the music scene by storm.

Circle The Earth’s name is fitting as the diversity of the artists in the band shine through. Fronted by the astonishing Khadia Handon, she brings a vocal performance that is bold and charismatic within each and every song they pen. Accompanied by guitar virtuoso Kazuki Tokaji, band founder and bassist Michael McBay, drummer extraordinaire Sandro Feliciano and keyboard genius Sandy Chao Wang, the group creates a bold and energetic sound that is truly their own.

Handon hails from Washington, DC, where she has proved herself as a vocal powerhouse from the very beginning. She has performed with world-renowned artists such as Janelle Monae, Prince, Mya, Andy Grammar, and most recently, Kanye West at his Sunday Services. Her vocals are explosive and help to bring the essence of the band to life.

All the way from Japan, Tokaji started playing guitar at the early age of 7, and started to establish his name rather quickly. Garnering endorsements from ESP Guitars, Hughes & Kettner Amplifiers and EMG Pick Ups, he has become a guitarist to keep an eye on. With a versatility and energy like no other, he has shared the stage with Marty Friedman, Chuck Wright and Derek Sherinian.

McBay is the founder and heart of Circle the Earth, as he took his vision and brought it to life. Combining a variety of cultures, ethnicities and generations, he brings his own musical journey and life experience into the mix. Taking the reins on Circle The Earth he believes there is a space for a band that not only promotes a positive and diverse outlook, but offers a giant dose of Rock n’ Roll as well.

From Brazil, Feliciano started playing the drums at age 13. Moving to Los Angeles in the late 90s to attend the prestigious L. A. College of Music, his path led him to hone his craft by working with Grammy-award-winning producers and engineers including Roy Thomas Barker (Queen, Rolling Stones), Lamont Dozier (who has 76 #1 Billboard hits) and Benny Faccone (Santana, Ricky Martin). His undeniable strength, spirit and power as a drummer adds an intensity and vitality to Circle The Earth.

Wang is a native of Taiwan and has thrived as a keyboardist since moving to her latest landing pad in Los Angeles. Serving as a Musical Director through various tenures has given her the experience and wisdom to become a powerful force on stage….and it certainly shines through. Currently she is impressively endorsed by Roland, and she helps to give that youthful edge and originality every rock band needs. There is no doubt about her fashion prowess and style either…she’s a whole new level of cool.

To add even more to their impressive repertoire, Circle The Earth have been working with acclaimed producers Jim McGorman (Avril Lavigne, Goo Goo Dolls, New Radicals), Mikal Blue (One Republic, Colbie Caillat), and songwriters Una Jensen and Sean Gould.

Their video for “Dead” has garnered an impressive 1.1 million views on Youtube and their single “Diamonds” has reached over 600,000 listens on digital outlets. As we head into 2022, Circle The Earth leads the way…and our ears are eagerly waiting….

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