1. Stuck In The Middle Circle the Earth 3:34
  2. Maniac on Mute Circle the Earth 2:35
  3. Dead Remix Circle The Earth 2:33
  4. Pick Your Poison REMIX Circle The Earth 3:08
  5. New Religion REMIX Circle The Earth 3 minutes
  6. Hey Goodbye Circle The Earth 3:05
  7. Too Many Pieces Circle the Earth 3:50
  8. The Other Side Circle The Earth 4:06
  9. New Religion Circle The Earth 3:30
  10. Sweetest Pain Circle The Earth 3:31
  11. Dead Circle The Earth 2:37
  12. Diamonds Circle The Earth 3:43
  13. All The Way Circle The Earth 3:29
  14. Could Be You Circle The Earth 3:21
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November 2021

LOS ANGELES, CA—November 30, 2021—Circle The Earth is a multi-cultural, multi-talented five-piece band who bring their diverse influences into streamlined, high energy music.  On December 3 at 8 p.m., the band will return to play the Viper Room having played to standing room only crowds at that venue and The Troubadour in the past. Circle The Earth is generating buzz and excitement in the LA music scene as an eclectic band with a contemporary rock sound that is about to take the industry by storm.

Fronted by the dynamic Khadia Handon, who brings a charismatic vocal performance to every song and the guitar virtuoso Kazuki Tokaji whose energetic stage antics leave audiences in awe, Circle The Earth’s music is built on a tight rhythm section with band founder Michael McBay on bass and Sandro Feliciano on hard-hitting drums. Sandy Chao Wang enhances the band’s rock sound with keyboards and keytarists.

Circle The Earth has been working with producers Jim McGorman (Avril Lavigne, Goo Goo Dolls, New Radicals) and Mikal Blue (One Republic, Colbie Caillat) as well as songwriters Una Jensen and Sean Gould. Circle The Earth’s Dead video eclipsed 1.1 million streams on YouTube and the single Diamonds had over 600,000 listens.


About Circle The Earth:

Khadia Handon is an electrifying lead vocalist who brings everything to the stage. Hailing from Washington DC, she is the definition of a modern day artist who resonates with all generations, cultures and demographics. Her explosiveness as a performer fills venues across the country with untold energy and a spark only a superstar in the making can offer. She has performed with world-renowned artists including Mya, Andy Grammar, Janelle Monae, Prince and most recently, Kanye West at his Sunday Services.

Born in Japan, Kazuki Tokaji started playing the guitar at age 7. Kazuki has established himself as one of the most astonishing guitarist in the music world. His insane talent has been recognized through his endorsements with ESP Guitars, Hughes & Kettner Amplifiers and EMG Pick Ups. He has performed with some epic musicians including: Marty Friedman, Chuck Wright and Derek Sherinian. Kazuki brings the rock, roll and then some to Circle the Earth’s musical vibe. His versatility and energy are contagious.

Michael McBay is the heart and founder of Circle the Earth. His vision was to formulate a group that represents a variety of cultures, ethnicities and generations. Having been through his own musical journey and life experiences, Michael believed there is a space for a band that promotes a positive and diverse outlook with great rock music. He is spearheading a togetherness that is creating the kind of sound the industry has been missing!

Sandro Feliciano hails from Brazil and started playing the drums at age 13. He moved to LA in 1998 to attend the prestigious L. A. College of Music. This path led him to hone his craft by working with Grammy-award-winning producers and engineers including, Roy Thomas Barker (Queen, Rolling Stones), Lamont Dozier (who has 76 #1 Billboard hits) and Benny Faccone (Santana, Ricky Martin). Sandro’s strength, spirit and power as a drummer adds an intensity and vitality to Circle the Earth.

Sandy Chao Wang is a native of Taiwan and has thrived as a keyboardist since moving to the music melting pot of Los Angeles. Her background as Musical Director through various tenures has given her the experience and wisdom to become a powerful force on stage. Endorsed by Roland, Sandy gives that youthful edge and originality every rock band needs. There is no doubt about her fashion prowess and style either…she continues to reach a level of coolness that jives with the audience.


Diverse. Authentic. Inspiring. Circle the Earth is an eclectic band making the kind of music that fires up an emotional connectivity with the audience. These artists stem from all corners of the planet and their multi-cultural and generational vibe stirs the heart and soul giving music lovers a sense of belonging. Based in Los Angeles, performing live for people is their passion. But no matter where in the world you might be, there is someone in this band to connect and identify with. Making music is their life. Circle the Earth and be part of the rocking journey.

Source: American 21

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