New Religion Circle the Earth reviews and song

Circle the Earth is back here and is already one of the most interesting bands in the current music scene. In “ New Religion ”, the North Americans create a modern rock with a vibe that flirts with nostalgic glam metal. The combination of electric guitars and synthesizers creates an intense and captivating sound. The result is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a different and impactful musical experience. –Rocknbold

Exciting music, powerful female vocals, energy to spare, sensational and alive, electronic rock, original and brilliant. We love it and will add it to our Spotify playlist. –Indieoclock

I especially liked how contagious the beat of this song is and how the vocals gave a kinda fearless vibe creating a whole modern rock atmosphere. I liked it a lot, the chorus is extremely catchy and the guitar solo really surprised me by its composition. I’m sharing this track and looking forward to get more from you in the future! –Natália Barão 

The song is awesome i really like the punk rock style and i have a perfect playlist for you! –Brainstorming Music

If Muse was composed of a woman and had a more psychedelic and rock n roll influence, it would be exactly like this! I loved this song, i didn’t know the band, but now i will add that to my personal playlist. Congratulations about this song, guys, its very good! –Canal Bloody Mary

We would like to thank you for submitting your work. We listen carefully to each song so that it is in line with the Radio audience and your sound is very incredible. It’s been a while since we’ve heard this rock/punk vibe. We wish health and success! –Radio Supersonica

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