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Female-fronted rock band Circle The Earth recently released their debut EP Hey Goodbye. The band is fronted by Khadia, a former background singer for Imagine Dragons, American Idol, and the American Music Awards, who has also performed with artists such as Prince. Rounding out the band is the talent of Michael McBay (founding member/bassist), Sandro Feliciano (drummer), Sandy Chao Wang (keyboardist/music director), and Kazuki Tokaji (guitarist/songwriter). Blending a variety of genres such as rock, pop, soul, and hip-hop, Hey Goodbye is dynamic and uplifting. For fans of The Aces and Willow, Circle The Earth breathes new life into the rock scene.

Hey Goodbye is energetic and full, giving the effect of a live show. From Khadia’s outstanding vocal belts to thunderous guitar and drums, Circle The Earth commands attention with each fiery anthem. “Sweetest Pain,” one of the EP’s singles, carries quick, booming drums and bold vocal harmonies. Tokaji’s melodic guitar solo gorgeously complements the song’s powerful rock style. These heavier tracks feel expansive, large enough to dominate any venue.

Pop and hip-hop elements shine through in tracks like “Dead.” Gritty guitar stands out against rap verses and bright, pop inspired background vocals. Khadia’s striking voice effortlessly shifts from forceful rock to earthy soul. “Pick Your Poison” features similar stylistic elements. With synthy beats and a catchy chorus punctuated by heavy guitar, this track is a sweeping fusion of pop and modern rock.

By featuring a lineup of members from across the U.S., Taiwan, Brazil, and Japan, all who bring an extensive range of professional experience, Circle The Earth joins a unique array of genres. The band strives to produce positive music with messages of unity and inclusion. Monumental and harmonizing, Hey Goodbye is an explosive, vibrant EP.

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