Wonderful words of praise for "Diamonds"

Great song, high energy, high quality, good riffs, good lyrics, good vocals, your voice is wonderful, everything well recorded and produced, everything perfect. Everything professional. You’re a great band and you’re going to top the rock charts. Great video, great performance. Sounds good and we’re going to play the song on our radio. Let’s go together for another year, long live independent rock. Hugs. Congratulations on the great musical work. See you soon. Obrigado \0/ –Nilton Vieira, Rádio Alternativa Rock.

This is one incredibly powerful rock track with some incredible vocals and some great story telling here. Great symphonies amazing record. –UK Independent

The voice it’s incredible, the vocalist has a nice vocal range. The combination of styles it’s great, it has the better of voice sides. The guitars are distorted but not so much, so it doesn’t destroy the song. The drums are solid. –Nuevas Frecuencias

The song is great, well produced and has a beautiful melody, the vocals are really great, it has a beautiful timbre, energy and range, I loved the backing vocals and the high notes. The song has a great structure and an energetic chorus, the instrumental is really great and very well produced, congratulations. -Only Indie Music

The music transports you to exotic places in your imagination that call to mind the nightlife of faraway countries. This track happens to be one of the best sounding, put-together, musically inclined I’ve heard in a while. The song contains nice harmonies, great vocals and a pleasant melody and makes you feel good while listening to it. Good luck with whatever comes next. -Dreamy Paradise

Impactful and gorgeously cinematic powerhouse of a single! We’ll add this as a post on our IG when we get a chance and thanks so much!
The Sounds Won’t Stop

Dear Circle the Earth, thanks for reaching out and letting me check your music out. I loved Diamonds’ easygoing fluid flow and emotional depth, it has some catchy moments that’ll make it easily appeal to a wide range of audiences. Wishing you the best of luck with you full-length release, I’ll be sharing it on our FB page as well as our IG stories and will add it to one of our Spotify playlists, keep on rocking! -I Wanna Rock

Hi Circle The Earth, another good track, an energic song, a good video too, we love. We’ll do a post to announce your entry!
Montréal Radio Cité

In my opinion the song is a good one, it has very good energy… and that guitar solo is concise but forceful. pass me the press release and I’ll upload it to my website as a recommendation.

Hi Circle the Earth, Great song!! We really enjoyed listening to your song. We think your vocals are great! The quality is excellent. We will be adding it to our “Heartbroken” playlist. -ITCAM MUSIC

A catchy voice, with well placed musical riffs, I really liked it, the band seems to me to be ready. The clip was very well produced. I will not criticize the lyrics, because it is not my native language. Send me all the material for the release. I have a place to put the song on the immediate release schedule. I look forward to it. -Radio Saquarema Surf Rock

Hello welcome back, nice piece. Pop rock just the way I like it. The soft start, the energy that rises up to the refrain and then explodes with energy and involves the listener. I put it in the playlist.
-Brainstorming Music

WOW! I think this rock’n roll girl band concept is incredible! You have amazing visuals; I was curious about your music in the first second that I put my eyes on it. I really like how the voices go, the melodics are catchy and pop, and a perfect mix with the heavy metal based instrumental. I really really want to hear more from you guys! – Na Beira do Palco

I like your sound, it’s powerful, fresh and catchy. I will glad to share it on my radio show, on 88.5 FM in Valencia Spain.
-Aire alternativo – Aire latino 88.5 FM

I liked a lot the 2010’s pop vibe of this song. The melody has a nice balance between the piano clean chords and with effects, the beat and the guitar overdrived chords of the chorus and the bridge (that I thought interesting how it was soft till those parts). I also liked the vocals pitch and how energic it was at the chorus. So I’ve decided to share this track and I hope to receive more from you in the future.-Natália Barão

Thank you for submitting your music! I’m going to add your track to our playlist/radio TODO DIA FM 😉, which will be available during the next week, and may return in future updates, in order to help promote your music. Thank you for trusting this partnership!

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