Music Connection October Issue

Material: Circle the Earth is a pop/rock outfit with many influences oozing out of their pores. From R&B to ‘80s/’90s rock to rap to jazz to pop, it all comes together nicely in well-written tunes that uplift and nourish the soul. Most of the songs are rock guitar-driven with nice solos complementing the rhythm section. The keys also helped bring the songs to life as Wang and Feliciano, playing off each other, added another fantastic layer of music to each song.

Musicianship: Good guitar leads, along with a solid rhythm section, kept the energygoing as Khadia, with her sultry, “Beyoncelike”voice, crooned the mellow songs and belted out the melodies when called upon. All the members of the band pitched in to make each tune blossom. Wang and her keys, in particular, were a nice addition to all the tunes.

Performance: Circle the Earth integrates many types of melodies and genres. Not only that, they incorporate dance and choreography, as well. This makes for an entertaining visual to go along with the music. McBay and Khadia are naturals onstage and they got everyone else going, but that’s not to say Wang, Feliciano and Tokaii didn’t bring it, as well.

Summary: Circle the Earth’s repertoire of songs is as diverse as the members’ ethnicity. Taiwan, Japan, Brazil and the Americas all come together to play rock, jazz, pop and hints
of country music to your soul’s delight. Songs like “Sweetest Pain” and “All The Way” keep you dancing to the music, while the hard-hitting “Dead” will make you want to bang your head. The songs are original and creative and you can feel the passion exude from all the members as each tune is played. If they weren’t rocking you out with “Dead,” they were wooing you with “The Other Side” and “Ai, Ai, Ai.” Great all-around performance. Circle the Earth are not to be missed! – Pierce Brochetti

SIR Studios Hollywood, CA

: Michael McBay, bass; Sandro Feliciano, drums; Kazuki Tokaii, guitar; Sandy Chao Wang, keys; Khadia, vocals

Contact: Johnny Miller, 310-435-7195

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